Wednesday, May 23, 2007

PS Andrew, I love my bike...

Now that school is out, I still need to go into the city all the time, but I'm not on someone elses schedule (which means I can never be late!) - so when I go into the city (or anywhere really) I can ride - and it is soooo nice. I love it. It's a way for me to have an adventure without costing money and it feels so nice to be active after so much class time. Plus it makes me feel tough when I carry it down to the subway (which is actually not tough because I should be riding it over a bridge instead). Anyone who wants a rad - get around street bike you should ask Andrew. By far the best investment I could have made towards the success of big city happiness.


This is one of the kids from the Fast Fridays, not this film clip, but the rider was

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Fast Saturday

So life kind of made up for me not getting to bike in Boulder (which no one has filled me in on by the way!)... Saturday Caroline came on a ride with me into the city and by dumb luck we came upon the 7th annual Bicycle Film Festival 2007! Well, we came upon the festivities going on on 2nd Ave on Saturday afternoon. There was a street blocked off and a herd of people out on the street jumping their little bikes over a limbo stick (it was like a limbo stick because it was measured, and if you hit it - it just kind of fell down). The highest jumper made it over a 48" high stick! So crazy. Just riding and then jumping. I guess it's called "bunny hopping". Whatever.

The guy I was cheering on was wearing these slick electric green and black MC Hammer pants, a cut off jersey (and when I say cut off I mean sleaves and belly), a backwards 80's hat, long flowing blonde hair, AND a feather earing that dangled to his shoulder (in one ear only of course). I never got his name, but he rocked. Caroline's favorite was James. He was HUGE, his bike was tiny and he worked that limbo stick. I have good video of it, but me and YouTube still haven't come to an "understanding" if you will.

Caroline (because she's the coolest) came back with me later to go to one of the films, which was more like 2 hours of lots of little films. It rocked. It was kind of like going to the Banff Film Festival for street riders. Kind of made up for me missing all of last seasons ski movies, kind of. I felt so in on the NYC biking scene. We made biking friends too.
My favorite was the FAST FRIDAYS film. It was a group of kids from Seattle. They had mad skill and were super cute (I know that I sound soo 15 years old), but they were. I may be looking for jobs in Seattle soon.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sarah, to answer your question - I have had a significant misplacement situation lately. I'm going on hmm, 4 days with out a phone. Left it at school, I think. Bummer. I'll be sure to keep you updated on any new developments. It shouldn't be long before I loose my keys, have an akward run in, or miss a flight. Huh, life.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Caroe Came Back!

Caroline came back to NY for an internship with an artist who live in Greenpoint. She's living in the master suite upstairs. She came back while I was still in finals so we didn't get to play really until this week and it is so great!
Isn't she precious. As an after semester celebration my friend Barbara that works at the W hotel invited us in for free drinks and food so we had to get all gussied up.

Soccer Sunday

Sunday on my walk home from church (where I met a guy who is one out of three architect/engineer for the "Freedom Tower" being built where the Twin Towers were - I was kind of star struck) anyway, I was walking along 14th Street and I spotted a soccer ball in a Middle Eastern guys shop! Best $10 I ever spent. We have been talking about buying a soccer or basketball forever - so when I spotted it, I figured it was fate. It was our Sunday family time.
Now soccer is our excuse to get our sorry buts out to run as much as possible. It's ok that neither of us is good. There are a few neighborhood kids that come and play with us and kick our buts. It's cool. I need the work out.

Sunday was an amazing day in Green Point I made Caroline come out and play before the sun went down. The sunlight in the pictures is a little harsh since it was late in the day - so they don't give the moment justice. It was so pretty!
This is a gate/fence bordering one side of the park which is full of little children. These kids get such an exciting playground. We had no such art at Sugar House Park.
Cute little tuft of grass.

This is a photo into an artists shop in our neighborhood. They had built this really great looking piece out of plastic straws. The warehouse is a reflection, sorry maybe that was obvious.


Here is the untamable mess created over months of neglect and pony tails. I kind of miss it.
I know, I know. I've always been known for being extremely photogenic. and taking photos apparently.
So the amazing deal cheap hair cut from a student was about as too good to be true as it sounded. She actually did a good job for her assignment...apparently they need to be doing straight cuts right now - very straight. Guys may not understand, but I haven't had my hair cut so bluntly since 5th grade! Ah well. Caroline says she likes it and I am warming up to it. Maybe I'll start a new trend. Layers and "movement" (as Fabulous Phill says back in SLC) are so out. Having your hair cut like a boy is so in.

Friday, May 11, 2007

I did it kind of ... blah

Andrew (if you find this) I stole your picture because I can't think of another one that expresses my current poopedness than this.

FINALS are Over! I never knew I had the discipline to go to sleep 1 am and wake up at 6 am.
If only I had fallen asleep in a pile of food instead of in front of a computer.
Now I plan to sleep for 3 days. It's time.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Cracked Out

The image is just to grab your attention since I know what a bummer it is when there's no picture. It's a color of space project that I happen to have saved to this computer
If only I was cracked out, would make for more interesting blogging (presumably).

I decided to blog because I locked my phone, laptop, and flash drive into a locker and surprise surprise can't remember the code - hence the extra time I have now to blog while I wait for the security guy to show up with giant lock cutters, or what ever he'll use to pry it open, so I can again return to cram finals mode once again.

Soo . . . if you have the time to read this you will know that A. I've allowed my life to get busier than I physically have strength to support (don't worry, it's only till Monday) B. I am no longer finishing Parsons this summer. I thought I would, but then because of some money issues I realized I have to wait till next fall to finish, which I actually think will be better. I mean, why am I racing to finish school, racing to finish my portfolio, racing to get a job, and to start paying student loans? Why rush eh? Anyways - so now I at least have a six month plan rather than a 1 1/2 month plan (still working on the 10 year one they wanted me to do in my senior year of high school, it's obviously more than I can handle to plan, plus it always changes anyway)

I will stay in New York and try to get an internship that I'm excited about, or even better a job, over the summer. Try to have a real life and actually see stuff in New York. Go to the park, galleries, shows, things I day dream about while I'm in the computer lab. Most importantly work on my social life! I've totally denied it, except for people at school I'm a hermit and that is getting old.

I'm living with Caroline again. She moved into the warehouse on the brink of civilization with me which is great. We're converting the pulley system I rigged for her dresser into a convenient way to give each other stuff (food, passing notes and things) with out having to actually physically use the stair case.

I'll be in Salt Lake for a week or so the end of May and HOPEFULLY again over the summer, but I'll have to see how things go.

I've realized I may need to do my time here and I can commit to that. It won't be forever. This pace and mind set are thrilling, but not my desired life style. I hope to soak up as much craziness, craft, and creativity I can out of this place - and then romantically end up in a small mountain town in Montana, Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, California, even New Mexico? (do you notice a trend? I kind of miss the west) or Switzerland, wherever - Where there will presumably be clients that want to work with a whack job like me who doesn't really relate to conservative stuffy design and wants to try things that are "different", but tasteful of course. I know there are lots of those types in small towns I'm sure. If you don't notice the sarcassm, that's what it is. I'm pretty sure I want something that doesn't exist. But of course I will still be able to afford to spend time in big cities too. All over the world of course.

Blah blah blah, sorry I know this isn't my journal, (but your the sucker that's reading it.)

Anyway, I will try to center myself again.

Now I will list some small feats that I have accomplished during this finals duration that I'm proud of.

1. Pulled a solid "I am at the computer lab and I'm not moving until I'm finished (except for a few food outings)" session that lasted 27 hours (including printing time) to finish a final that I then proceeded to sleep in for and showed up 30 min. late for a 6 pm. class. but what ever - I stayed up 27 hours!

2. took a forced Cinco de Mayo break Saturday night with Caroline and Jean Marie and went to Acapulco (around the corner from our place in Brooklyn) for dinner where we received free XXL Cinco de Mayo Corona t-shirts and salsa danced with the neighborhood

3. Made a 36" x 14" model of an existing building for a class all while in the duration of watching Mean Girls and Sixteen Candles with Caroline and her sister Katie.

4. and that's all I have for now.

I sure wish I was hanging out with and talking to anyone who has to read this mass communication form of staying updated, but for now this will have to do.

Congratulations if you're still reading and Andy's here to open my locker!