Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Hooray for Active Utah Friends

In the middle of looking for an apartment and saying goodbye to my lovely Caroline I had friends come stay for the weekend and it was the greatest break from life ever. I love when people come on vacation here because I take it as a chance to be on vacation too. I met all sorts of new people, got to know ones I've met even better, and I met a new love.
This one has no name (or gender yet for that matter, I'll work on that), but it's a pretty sweet little bike. Andrew (my friend and the bikes's architect) was fortunate enough to witness my first ride on it. It's a fixed gear with a track bike frame - so I was a little wobbly and unpredictable for a while. Ok, I still kind of am, but whatever, I'll work on that too.
We rode from my place, over the Williamsburg Bridge, up through Soho, Greenwich, to the Hudson River, up through Chelsea on the river path, through Times Square (not necessarily on purpose), to the New York Library, and then home on the subway. The next day we rode a bit in Central Park and through some of my neighborhood. I'm in love. I want to put together some more routes and ride and ride and ride.

I've never been called Princess

but that didn't stop me from building a re-creation of the princess and the pea for myself. Or is that the prince and the pea. Don't know, don't care I guess.
Both Caitlin and Caroline (my room mates) left their mattresses behind - so I decided that since I have been living with my mattress on the floor for 6 months it was time to make it really high. This is three mattresses, a box spring, and a platform. These are the things I do with my time when I am supposed to be packing up or doing home work.

Monday, February 19, 2007

This is one of my favorite views that I get of the city. Can you guess where I got my inspiration? It's from the window of the computer lab at school. It makes for great day dreaming gazes that I so often find myself in. See if you can see both the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building

Lucky Girl

I got lucky this weekend! (not that kind, sure wish)
Chelsea and Adam made a last minuet surprise visit to New York! I got to hang out with them and the whole (well part of) the James gang.
Among other things we hung out with Josh and Sherie's girls (these guys have the cutest babies in the world - Candy being the latest addition), late night movie/ drug store shopping/ pancakes at the diner, free pears at the hotel, and of course hit up H&M and Sephora. Best of all apparently my days of sleeping over with Chelsea are not (and hopefully never will be) over. It's just that instead of having the 3rd party be another girlfriend, now Adam is the lucky recipient of a crammed girl hotel room sleep over. Don't worry Chelsea slept in the middle.
I love my friends.
*This beautiful glamor shot is from yet another Times Square Sephora self inflicted make over.

Friday, February 16, 2007


I hope all of you able bodied Salt Lakers are enjoying your snowy mountains. I've been receiving torturous Alta emails and it looks like Zion is being blessed!
PS. New York snow update: we have some too! It snowed Tuesday night, enough that at my place we decided we were snowed in (plus we didn't have anything to do). We enjoyed a valentine's day of snow flakes and pancakes. Can't be beat. (didn't mean to rhymn, but I'm not going to fight it).

Monday, February 12, 2007


Last Friday I was a design student nerd and went to a bunch of galleries. One that we went to was Irving Penn. He's in his 90's now and he is quite famous for his fashion photography, but not as much his still lifes so these were cool to see. The series was of flowers very close up. They seem cheesy girly, but they were actually quite fantastic.

src="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_dwNMh8Ajios/RdDRs1y_2KI/AAAAAAAAADw/rHMUZD50WBk/s400/gallery.jpg" border="0" alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5030751352058271906" />

Then Sunday I went out to find this gallery called Robin Rice Gallery. I read about it on some ones blog that I found through the blog grape vine(http//alilovescurtis.blogspot.com). You should check her out she always has great stuff. Anyway, this gallery is online too http://www.robinricegallery.com so you can check it out, but going in person has an extra perk - it's only blocks away from a fabulous cup cake shop. Who'da thunk I like cup cakes this much, but these are unbelievable.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Top 100, or 50

As per Sarah's challenge I tried to make a list of 100 things about me. She said it would take me 30 minuets once I got started. It took way longer and I only got to 50. This will have to do, and if you want to know more you may just have to come hang out with me in Greenpoint.

1. I am at school 13 hours a day 3 days a week, and at least 3-6 hours for one.
2. Wednesdays I sleep in till 2.
3. Lately I can sleep 12 hours a night if I have nothing to get up for for the first time since junior high.
4. I secretly really love the cold. Even the really cold cold, unless I want to ride a bike, which I do actually.
5. I chew on things I shouldn’t. Currently chewing on a piece of coroplast that I’m using to build a model in studio 2. Don’t worry it’s not toxic.
6. Some times I flirt with random people to get what I want. Eye contact can get you a long way in this world.
7. I have a habit of misplacing and forgetting my phone lots, never be surprised if I don't answer. Sorry for the inconvenience.
8. Since moving to NY I have fallen in the subway 2 times and had one run in with a biker, as in I ran into it.
9. I drink 1 to 2 quart of water a day and mysteriously I’m usually still thirsty. No I don’t have diabetes and I know that’s a sign of it.
10. I love food markets
11. I would love to live out of the country at some point in my life, hopefully soon.
12. I spend more money a week on art supplies than I do food.
13. I like painting my finger nails, but I am horrible at keeping it up, so most often I just have paint remnants.
14. Since moving to New York it's become apartent that I'm particularly attractive to strange men over 40. I've got a pile of business cards to prove it. And I mean strange.
15. I got acupunture for the first time last November. I advise others not to go to an acupunture school for it. Keep this to the professionals.
16. I don't drink carbonation. Just cause.
17. I do eat chocolate and I try to remember to thank the chocolate gods for it every day.
18. I hope the people I know get half as much out of me as I do them.
19. My dream house/ life is the one in Legends of the Fall, minus the tragic dramatics. Brad Pitt can stay if he wants.
20. I do love mountain biking, but somehow unlike Sarah I like the up hill and cross country parts better than the down. We should be in a tag team race.
21. I love cooking
22. I hope I can ski until the day I die. In fact I think that would be a perfectly wonderful way to die, but hopefully not from a crash. Preferably something painless and not embarrassing. Some how that makes sense in my head, sorry if it’s confusing.
23. I have a bad habit of spending too much money on trinkets (i.e. cool stuff, beads, cups, pins, small boxes, what ever. I’m going to be the grandma house full of weird stuff).
24. 24 is my lucky number.
25. Being photographed makes me uncomfortable. If it seems like I’m not I’m probably faking it.
26. Max, my dog, has been to the top of King’s Peak 4 times since he turned 10.
27. Once while at King’s Peak I felt (and heard) sparks of static on my head while a thunder storm built up around us. My reaction, panic.
28. Lighting is one (of many) things I admittedly have a very poor reaction to.
29. If I had someone to do it with me I think it would be cool to work on a farm or ranch for the summer.
30. I am very picky about which push pins I use.
31. I rarely if ever can get myself to go to bed before 2ish
32. I made a tent over my bed the other day just cause. It’s not as cool as I had hoped.
33. Last week my room mate Caroline and I went to play pool at the Mark Bar in Green Point around midnight and didn’t come home till 5:30 on a Wednesday morning. What non drunk person does that? Not Caroline.
34. I inform 3-4 people a month that it is in fact against the law to have more than one wife in the state of Utah. (Even harder to convince is the fact that the Mormon Church doesn’t condone plural marriage these days.)
35. I wish I could hang out with people way more than I actually hang out with them and I think that’s messed up.
36. I’m not allergic to anything I know of. Except maybe singles ward social gatherings.
37. With out my contacts in I can’t tell if a person is a boy or a girl if they’re more than 5 feet away.
38. I have had no T.V. in my house since I moved to New York. Thank you hippy room mates.
39. My biggest motivation for getting into bed is to listen to the BBC and read magazines. Yikes, so lame.
40. I love meeting new people, but can be really shy about it depending on the circumstances.
41. I hate saying good bye to friends you may never see again
42. I don't care what anyone says, I think dance dance revolution is the best nintendo game ever ( I call all of them nintendo alright).
43. I love the smell of wet sage brush.
44. I think my ACT score was the lowest out of most all my friends, except maybe Amanda. Sorry to call you out sister, but I'm pretty sure ours were pretty bad.
45. I'd like to live with as little "stuff" as possible. I think life should be way simpler than we live it.
46. I'm horrible at keeping house plants alive.
47. Every chair in my apartment currently was found on the street.
48. My room mate Caroline puts honey on everything, even chicken noodle soup. We go through a 32 oz. bottle a month.
49. I think too much pride is the most unattractive characteristic in the world
50. My high score on cell phone Tetris is 25,580. UPDATE: IT HAS NOW REACHED 42,529!

Monday, February 5, 2007

Laundry Day

I did laundry the other day and it took 2.75 hours. At this laundry mat you can't do anything while it's washing and drying too cause the laundry man is rigorous. He's the one to give out quarters, and apparently baby sits the machine so if it stops and no one's there to get it - your stuff ends up in a bin that you need to claim, and once you do you hear it from him. I got in trouble last time I tried to go groceries shopping while my stuff was in the dryer. He's like the Asian laundry mat version of the soup nazi.