Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I come home in 5 days! But not until I keep slaving away at my final projects. Here's a sneak peak at the one that's giving me the most grief. The drawings are elevations and the other is's the beginings of a model I am making of a tea shop design. (I couldn't figure out how to flip the elevations, so you might just have to turn your heads.
Making models will show me to put so much detail into my designs! Boo

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Since I don't have photos (I was robbed early on in my adventure) I will probably randomly upload images off of my flash drive. This is a sketch from my notebook for a project at school.


So, this is the first posting of what I believe will be a fruitful relationship with the blog spot.
Actually, it's my second go at it, but I have a good feeling this time.
This story begins at the end of a sureal semester in NY. At the moment I am quite tired. Tired of school, commuting, and kicking it by myself almost always, but it's been way worth it and now I get to go home and ski!