Tuesday, September 23, 2008

my biking thoughts

I hope I don't regret sharing this randomness, but I suppose most people wouldn't have even read this far into this much text with no pictures (I know I have to use some serious restraint not to just scroll past it) - so hopefully I don't wierd too many people out.

Today I got on my borrowed road bike (which has gears gratefully) and headed out into the drizzle. The temperature was absolutely lovely, and the rain (if you could call it that) was no big deal. It was about 8:15 a.m. and I was approximately 2.5 miles up Milcreek Canyon when the drizzle had become a pour. By now I was pretty soaked through and through. My dads voice was in my head as I started thinking about turning around, he had warned me of such scenario as he got into his car and I got on the bike that morning. Looking up the canyon I couldn't help but notice that the grueling hills were just begining to turn into a lovely winding mountain road. Turning down the canyon I was headed towards the steep hills that kind of made me want to barf only moments earlier, but it was no big deal because I had concured them already! Now I'm screaming down the canyon (not literally luckily) water soaking my socks and the padding in my shorts - gotta love a soggy but, esp when the sogginess is from the foamy water off of the road - anyway, here I am freezing, my legs and fingers are bright pink/red from the rain hitting them at 30 miles an hour, my eyes are blurry from rain getting in my contacts and I realize . . .

. . . despite the pain I am as happy as I could ever possibly be. As bad as it ever gets, being in the mountains is just the greatest. The rest of my ride home my teeth were cold too because I couldn't stop smiling. That's all, that pretty much sums up why I wrote all that.
Finally some pictures of the Kings Peak hike over Labor Day - these are meant to make you very jealous, so jealous that you come next time.

First off, don't leave home with out one of these - a happy, strong, fearless mountain man to guide you.

The first day of hiking there were 4 peoples and 3 dogs. We camped in painter basin which is up and over this pass (pictured below) - it's called Gunnison Pass and it's a bitch at the end of a 12 mile day.

Kenya's so dainty even in the mountains. Poor chap didn't know what she was getting into, but she was a champ. I should also mention here that talented Amanda b James took all of this photos of our trip - I was a slacker and didn't bring a cam.

This is the giddy behavior that occurs some time after being completely exhausted and eating a tasty dehydrated dinner. Come on now, who wouldn't love that face?
This is the lightest, silliest looking tent ever invented. It consists of a floor piece which weighs 1.1 lbs, the circus tent piece which weighs .8 lbs, and one very light weight pole. Gratefully it didn't snow on us. (also note that I completely made those weights up, just believe me it is super light)

Lindsay and I preforming sorcery (note the Willow wand involved)
Fast forward to Brett pealing off the group to head back to his truck parked at Henry's Fork trail head - Lindsay, Amanda, Jessica, Max, Kenya, and Jack summit the mighty pile of rocks that they call King's Peak. Now we're back at Anderson pass where 6 of us head down the other side towards Swift Creek trail head, currently some 18 odd miles off.

Looking westward down Anderson pass. Good dog skinny Kenya
A few miles later Jack came loping up the hillside with a face full of quills. It took us/Lindsay 45 min to get them all out cause Jack kept biting at her as she came at him with the tweezers. It was funny the first 20 times, then it was just sad.

Walking and walking like pioneer children through a high unita swampy swamp. Little do we know we're only a few hundred yards from a lovely camp set up by my kick ass family (dad, sister, uncle, and cousin) that came up to meet us at Milk Lake. They brought with them 3 more dogs. We had a lovely dinner of Dinty Moore stew.
Very few photos were taken after this point. Weariness got the best of us and we mostly just put one foot in front of another the next day. We also were lucky enough to be hiking in a rain storm that wasn't snow (the people only 1,000 ft above us got 1 foot of the white stuff)

This is the after shot, but don't be fooled, we were only pulling those sad faces because our journey had come to an end - and Lindsay's just excited for dinner at the cabin.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Good old fashioned Americana fun

The most fantastic Utah State Fair Demolition Durby

This blur is a latino guy who had a smile plastered on his face the whole time he was getting worked on the mechanical bull. He was wearing some smashing Zebra fur cowboy boots.

This is where Lindsay and Nick bought their foot long corn dogs - you didn't know those existed did you.
Sigh . . . I love this place.
Gigantic bull

Zara sporting a sparkling pink trucker hat

James in his "JESUS DID IT" hat (in small writing on the brim it questions "would anyone die for you?")
This they call a fry loaf, well stated state fair.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Crazy French Man on Wire

I saw a beautiful, extraordinary movie the other night with Linds at the Broadway - Man on Wire
It's a documentary/story about a fabulously crazy french guy on a mission to tight rope from the twin towers - soo worth it.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sigur Ros

My heart nearly skipped a beat when I heard these icelandic beauties were coming to Salt Lake. Buy yourself a ticket and come along! I can't wait, I just can't wait. Listen here until September 28th.