Friday, July 20, 2007

Sea Fleas

You may not find these guys as cool as I did, but you have to wait until the end to see them disappear, it's the coolest part. As well as a quick cameo at the very very end.

Photos sitting on my desk top waiting to be blogged.

Subway waiting.
such colorful junk
I'm going to look back one day (today) and wonder what I was thinking wearing such tacky frames, but some how they just make me so happy. Thanks again H&M.
Leaving McCaren Pool. They actually use that desk area.
This was an accident, but I thought the colors were nice.
While walking through the neighborhoods from here to there we came across a carnival last weekend. What a pleasant surprise. The carni at the basketball shooting station let me shoot a round for free because he weren't gett'n no buiz nes. I missed all three shots. All three! To be honest I was just pleased that the ball made it to the back board (on the two that it did). Hmph, I through like such a girl. Dusty even told me so. Sorry fam, some how I really missed out on those genes.

Matt broke the mirror and I made him pose like this, but he's the one that told me to put it online (sucker). I felt bad that he felt so bad because the reason it tipped is because I had him crawling behind the tv to fix the reception on the one channel (PBS) that our new (old) donated tv gets. Ohh Sunday mornings.
This is Gus. I get to hang out with him when I work at 8.8 design with Carly. He likes to take naps on my lap while I'm at the desk working. Plus he's the most well behaved puppy ever. Carly's boyfriend Fritz's family trained German Shephards so they're hard core with him and he doesn't even need a leash! He sits and heals!
Scary meat at the carnival.
Waiting to go to the beach.
The tikes in the distance are the ones that showed me how to capture the mole crabs. We bonded.
Check out the classy chandelier we spotted on the roof of this Bronco. If only I had thought of that while cruising the B2 for so many years.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Rock Stars

Since these two boys showed up in town weekends have become much more interesting. Dusty & Motoki came out to NY for summer internships in interior design (they're both in school at Utah State in Interior Design) and I have found that out of towners (and maybe it's just because they're bad asses from Utah) are much more lively than locals. So in our playing beach, biking, museums, and most of all muuuuusic.

You like those special effects? I am in design school after all.

There's a place near my neighborhood called McCaren Pool - it's an old local pool that's now empty and is used for filling with hords of hipsters and scensters alike that migrate there to hear music. This pool is gi-normous and a good time. This summer there are free concerts once or twice a week - as well as other shows on weekends.

Here's a list of music to check out if you haven't heard of some of them . . . I hadn't

McCaren Pool - so far

Man Man - I had to miss this one because I was moving (boooo), but everyone else (Dusty, Motoki, Caroline, Jean Marie, Matt, Ben, etc etc) said it was an awesome show, and I have been listening to more lately and me gusta

Cat Power
with a name like that you'd think to stay away, and although everyone else is convinced that she's crazy I love her just the same. Give a crazy girl a break.

Built to Spill - Neil introduced them to me way back when and I was oh so greatful. I was surprised that they are mostly old dudes (I thought they were in like their 20's), but I have an even bigger crush on the lead singer after seeing him, he's precious

South Seaport Shows

Fujiya-miyagi - Loved. I haven't seen anyone live that play like them. I appreciate Christy's music video post even more. Don't be fooled though, they're two white guys from UK.

Black Moth Super Rainbow - sounds random right? opened for Fujiya-Miyagi and they were fun but so random.
This weekend is a concert at Coney Island. Al Green, Franki Valli & The Four Seasons! are going to be there. Should be full of interesting people. It's not too late to buy your ticket to NY and come out to Coney Island for a free show!!

Ralph's Icie joint. Self timer on some ones car.

u r it

I've been "tagged" and so I am going to give you some random made up facts . . .

4 jobs I have had
01 It all started at the Tennis Club Snack Bar
02 next, Foothill Village Sports Den
03 next, Johnson and Hodson Interior Design, SLC
04 now, 8.8 Design, Carrol Gardens, Brooklyn, NY

4 movies I can watch over and over again
01 the Notebook (guilty pleasure)
02 National Geographics, old or new
03 Waynes World
04 Who Framed Roger Rabit
(Some may say this is the worst list ever, but I stand by it)

4 places I have lived
01 Wilshire Circle, SLC
02 Brentwood house, Logan, UT
03 Philly, PA
04 NY, NY

4 favorite TV shows
01 So You Think You Can Dance
02 Sex in the City
03 Planet Earth
04 Runway Shows on Fashion Channels

4 of my favorite places I have been
01 High Uintas
02 Hiking in the forest in S.E.A.
03 This might be cheating, but I love the "country" and the desolate ghost towns or chill small towns, ski towns, or surf towns, or neighborhoods so far I have found them in - AK, UT, NV, TN, MA, AZ, BRklyn, Costa Rica - anywhere, i think they're cool.
04 Alta, UT

4 favorite foods
01 Icie's at Ralph's by the Grahm stop
02 Lone Star Tacoria fish tacos
03 Grilled sweet potatoes with onions, spinach, and goat cheese
04 Banana Pancakes we cook up at home with secret ingredients

4 websites I check daily
01 gmail
02 blog looser
03 links I find on blogs
04 I'm not that consistant

4 favorite hobbies
01 playing
02 cooking
03 drawing/ designing/ crafting/ working on stuff
04 walking and/or biking for exploring purposes

4 places I'd rather be
01 No where but here, sitting in what ever's left after taking my sweaty nasty clothes off, but still sweating on the make shift futon with a fan in our faces, chill'n with Jean Marie and a breeze coming through the window. Oh, and with dirty feet. Who wants to come visit NY in the summer time??? We may be what Leah calls "PWET"
02 On the porch at YR
03 swimming in a lake at night, probably Lake Powell
04 Alaska with Lindsay

4 friends I would like to tag
01 Neil (because maybe that will force him to blog, because that's how powerful this tag is)
02 Andrew DC (dito)
03 Jean Marie
04 anyone reading this