Thursday, January 21, 2010

Chelsea's a Mama

Chels had her baby last night (rrr this morning I guess) and she is fine and dandy! I'll let her tell the details, but just wanted to spread the word that everything is good and going well.

I was kind of scared of the picture before, so I thought I would update.

Sitt'n in the waiting room

Thank you Neil, made my day. Click it.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Drove up to Missoula Montana with Rachel Barker this week. She needed a driving partner and I needed a rode trip. Done and done.
Court House

Staying in a cottage right next to this rig - haven't gotten a pic of it yet

Parrot friend found in the Army Navy store - see vid below

Missoula street art

Rachel is up here working on a dance project with a local company called Headwaters Dance Co. They get together every day for 8 hours to work on the 4 pieces they will be performing in a few weeks. I love it - they work all day in this studio in the artistic directors back yard and then they all eat lunch together at her house. It's so very bohemian. They're from all over too. A few from New York, one from LA, and one is even from Iceland! I've been sitting in on their practices and I love watching it all. I like watching the process of them working together and talking through it. Wish I could be here for the performance.

Monday, January 18, 2010


I'm in Missoula MT for a few days wondering around. Something I do often, wonder around in new and random places. I walked into the Army Navy store that's in town and this parrot liked me (according the shop keeper) because I turn around and he is waddling towards me. A giant green parrot waddling towards me while I'm there looking at webbing. Kind of freaked me out. Next he climbed up my leg and perched on my shoulder and started to do this weird shaky dance. I had to go find the shop keeper and he got a video of the dance. Don't mind me being a total dork throughout the whole thing.

From Jan 17, 2010
(click on the photo to watch - I am totally struggling with how to post videos on this thing, and this is the latest I have come up with, thanks to Sarah)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Time to Travel

I have been whining about wanting to travel for months now (sorry to all who have been listening patiently), but all of a sudden I got what I was wishing for because it just got crazy up in here. I have a wicked crazy schedule over the next 6 months - usually I don't know my schedule for the next 2 weeks, so this is new for me. All the while I would LOVE it if anyone wants to join for any little bit of it.

Starting with New York I'm there Jan 25th - Feb 7th. I'll be busy working the first week, but the second I'll be house sitting in a massive loft in the West Village. Anyone interested? Do come along.

Hoping to visit this lovely place in the next two months. Some time in February I think.

If I REALLY got my way I would go to this rad town for a week in March, but i'll have to see if I can swing it. Ok, I'm probably dreaming at this point.

Back in New York for a few weeks in the end of March. Most likely working like crazy to get a project done, but if you're in town I will for sure want to meet up, even if just for a bit.

Next is South America with Teri for 3 months. Any and all, please do come! We will be total scrappers living off of nothing and wandering around, hopefully picking up some Spanish too. Plan is to start in Argentina and end in Equador - but we're flexible so come along and who knows what will happen.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wrestling with a Sugar Glider

I was trying to get a picture of Louise, one of my dads sugar gliders (yes you heard me right) and I could not get her to sit still. This is how that went.

See that little gray blob? That's her.

This is a pretty typical night at my house these days. My hanging out watching t.v. with the rents and playing with these little guys. These images were taken moments before the little bugger got away and it took me 45 min to find her. Sneaky.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Yurt Not Going to Regret This One

Oh yes I did just pun that.

Welcome to the magical post by the sorcerer Neil. Pay close attention and maybe you too will one day be able to experience the magic that is the yurt.

Listen closely friends - there are a few important steps needed to make for a successful mountain adventure.
First and foremost you need a stellar cast - Chris, Anna, Jason, Neil, Erika, Christy, and yours truly provided that, if I do say myself.

Now you are ready to hike and hike in freezing temperatures until you want to laugh and cry at the same time.

It also helps if you're as cute as a snow elf, as you can see.

Now you have made it to the yurt! You're so happy! Especially because once you get there you realize that a most beautifully new yurt has replaced the last rickety (although lovely) one that you stayed in last time.


wood chopping

Tight pants

and hilarity will most surely ensue.

As well as some mad chilling by Neil

And gorgeous glamour shots

The poles of the yurt make for great posing props. Maybe if you're lucky, one day we will give you more tips on how fun these poles can be.

After much sleeping, eating, and coziness it is now time to get back out into the wild

and skin em up

Now you hike again, but you feel better because you are not carrying a heavy pack - and that lasts a whole 10 steps, and then it hurts again.

But you're in a cute line so you don't care

Then it's time to un skin em and get to it.

And look really rad while doing it

And then you check for deepth (notice the shrubbery in the near distance?)
And then my friends you shred the shit out of that 6" deep snow as demonstrated below.

And now you're so happy you don't know what to do with yourself, so you skin up and do it all over again and have so much fun doing it that you don't take any more pictures, you just ski.

Alas, after much good times - it's appropriate for another epic self timed group shot before attempting a painfully long icy shoot of a run through trees and rocks back to the frozen car.

Yet you keep you're spirits up, because you're in the mountains, and you love it.

till next time folks.

p.s. thank you to those far and wide whom I poached almost every single one of these images from!