Monday, March 26, 2007


Manda is the coolest because she called me a week and a half ago and is like "I think I'm coming to New York". I was in the middle of mid-terms, but I could not resist an offer like that!!
She even came and did my laundry while I was in class! I don't deserve her. So then I finally am done with school and have spring break so we can play and it snowed like crazy. Our umbrellas flipped inside out while we were trying to run for cover, and it took us an hour to walk what usually takes 25 min. So we did what any normal 12 year old, I mean 24 year old, girls would do - we rented The Notebook and watched it twice a day for the next three days. ps. no single girl should do this, it's just not healthy. Ryan Gosling has been in my dreams ever since! I don't think I even have a crush on him anymore, that's how much we watched it.
Amanda was a trooper because her flight was canceled due to the storm and she ended up staying for a week! Thanks Cubby, send that girl my way anytime.
Plus we came across perhaps the best YouTube video ever - beware it gets a little intense, all the better though.
Since I was a mooch and we used Amanda's camera the whole time you'll have to check out her post - (don't ask, I don't know where she came up with that) or just check out Manda under "cool people I know with blogs"

Vicarious Shopping

I solved the usual problem of transforming into a cereal shopper whenever there are friends doing the same, I went ahead and shopped for them instead. I felt a little guilty for being the tempter, but then I didn't when I got to admire my work.
Here are a few of my finds: Lindsay's modeling her new thrift shop blue dress and some cutesie shoes I found for my mom that Lindsay modeled for the camera. Precious.

Lindsay and Alexis

Lindsay and Alexis came to Brooklyn! unfortunately sans Ashley (Ashley we missed you!!)

Lindsay my cous is living in SLC finishing her Geology major. She just found out she got a job in Alaska for the summer working in geology. Lucky girl, she gets to live out a dream we got attached to, hmm I guess 5 years ago now. Maybe you could insist I come to as your assistant? I'm guess I'm just glad it's not on a fishing boat with Chuck and Kevin like we originally planned.

Alexis is my love from Sports Den, I think you're the best thing I got out of that place (well you and Ashley). I've known Alexis since we first met working at the TC in Salt Lake and then at Sports Den of course. After being friends for 7 years she met up with me in Thailand two summers ago and ended up meeting and falling for another friend of mine that's been my big bros friend forever. I guess you never know. So anyway, those two live in San Fran and just found out they're moving back east to DC!! Hooray! Anyway, we haven't seen each other for way to long so it rocked to hang out in New York.

The day before they came it snowed a crazy storm, here's a little after math
Poor Dodo Bird
Natural History Museum is amazing if anyone's thinking of checking it out. Definitely worth it.
Waiting for the subway above ground was chilly

I'm pretty sure that food was their favorite thing about NY. Some how I know a lot about where to find the good stuff. This is the Blood Orange tea that we went back to get, oh, every 3 hours or so.After Alexis left I had Linds help me with all the crappy stuff I had to do that I didn't while they were there. She thought that she could make fun of me for having a homeless persons cart to get my laundry to the laundry mat. I didn't exactly redeem myself when it tipped over half way there and my jar of coins spilled all over the side walk. She's right, I have gotten pretty pathetic.

Lindsay even went along with my idea to hoist Caroline's old chest of drawers to the upper level. I wont get into it, but it was a good idea. Once I figure out how to put videos on YouTube you can all share in Lindsay's joy of watching me crash trying to lift it off the ground. Needless to say it's still on the floor where it started, but at least we know what doesn't work.

February to March

It's a sorted story, but a lot has happened in the last month . . .

February my room mates all moved out (except me and my stow away Caroline)
So I got a room for my bed, a room for my clothes, a room for guests,

Caroline and I when we turn into vampires, obviously

Caroline Painting in our apartment turned chaos studio.

This is the mattress pile left from all four mattresses left behind. People moving get a little desperate here. I also inherited bikes, book shelves, rugs, chairs, dishes, even a Creeple People set.

Then Caroline left, I cried, but it was ok because she missed her flight (twice) so she came back and surprised me and cheered me up.
In the mean time Mike (friend and neighbor) and I were looking for places to move to since our land lord started construction on our place and wanted us out. This not so friendly and or honest jewish boy gave us a few suggestions, but alas it didn't work out.

After Mike and I had no luck finding a place together and Joe the land lord insisted we leave - I moved in with Leah, my very generous friend from school. I felt very high class going to school in the morning with a bunch of mid-towners rather than my fellow bums from Brooklyn. Best part about Leah's (besides Leah of course) Bruder. We love each other.
Then after all of that craziness my land lord ended up offering me another place to stay. It's a good price for the space, but still way more than I have - hence my current situation.
The last pic is from the second floor (ya, second floor) looking on Matt, my hero. He came all the way from DC to help me move in on a Sunday since I couldn't miss any more classes. Matt you are the best best.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Who Wants to be my ROOM MATE?

So I'm on spring break, and I've kind of been taking a spring break from everything, including finding a room mate. It's time to get back to work. Quick update on my insane housing situation: Although my land lord just wanted me outa there (he started construction on our building and drove most people out). Not me though I was too busy to care and when it came down to it I had few options - so he offered me this new place. It's crazy big and awesome, but I can't afford it on my own, rats. I've posted on Craig's List, but I would much rather live with someone I meet through someone else who I love and trust like you. Anyway - send them to my craiglist link and let me know! This place is too cool to be living with someone sketchy!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Color Board

Color Boards are usually more interesting to see than most of technical crap that I work on. I hate the computer! (even though I'm on one obviously)

Monday, March 5, 2007

Jack Jack

This is what I'm missing, perhaps the most

Sunday, March 4, 2007


I originally saw Aubrey Trinnaman's work on and intstantly was intrigued by her images. Then only a couple of weeks later I find out she is living in New York, then a couple weeks after than that I got to meet her! Luckily when my first phrase to her after saying hello was "I have a crush on you" she gave me a high five! She rocks.
Many of her photos are polaroids and all of them are beautiful. I especially like them as thumnails on her web page( They look so nice together, like a gridded collage.

Studio 2 Presentation

These are a few slides from a presentation I did in Studio 2. I thought I would post assignments now and then. They take so much time to do, and they're such a let down when they're over and your teachers all "great. thanks. next." Just kidding, they say more than that, but still they're an anticlimactic way to spend 40 some odd hours and way to much money for color printing.
The assignment was to create a hotel room based on a study we did of coroplast. It's a little like core-gated cardboard, but it's plastic. I guess it sounds crazy, it is. Studio is a little bit about doing crazy things that you most likely won't be able to do in the real world.

I know it's a little dramatic, but my teachers really wanted me to push my "concept"