Sunday, June 29, 2008

Life is Gooood

Who thought moving back into my parents basement would be oh so satisfying? It has been THE most gratifying break in the world - and the only reason I feel justified in bragging about it is because of how opposite the last 2 years of my life (not all, but a lot of it) has felt like anything but like a break. Basically, it's good to be home.

My life currently consists of going through my "stuff" i.e. books, projects, collectibles (I'm a bit of a pack rat apparently) - then in between going on canyon and city bike rides, running a race I was sooo not prepared for but L-O-V-E loved, Pleasent Grove rodeo with Chels (too tight Wranglers and cowboy boots included), cruis'n on my new/old moto, going to the Uintahs without my computer or cell for 6 days, hanging out with dogs and nephews, basically all of the sweet stuff.

I'm now attempting to get back to work. A few graphic design assignments for 8.8, floor plans, elevations, and ideas for Hamptons clients (this time for their loft in NYC), hopefully some freelance gigs, catching up with bills, student loans, insurance, etc. Don't worry, I'm not a complete slacker, just as much of one as is humanly possible.

Sarah's baby that I visited in Loveland on my way to SLCThis is the look she often gave me, which I think means, "I'm hungry and I will take advantage of you if you let me" - I was groped more than once by this little tike.

This is the caravanigan that supported us through the 178 miles of the Wasatch Back Race, and yes that clever mantra written across the wind shielf "Wasatch your backs" was right out of my clever little (big) head

So the deal was that each person on our 12 person team ran one of their legs (36 total) while the support car prepared water, food, cameras for whenever the runner needed it. It was fun, but I think that the race would be a lot cooler if you weren't in a 36 hour traffic jam the whole time. Except that it made for some AMAZING girl talk/laughs.
My middle leg was from 4 in the morning to about 5 and it was sooo chill to run along in the dark, I really liked it, but I think Leslie's run was the prettiest because of the light, she ran 5 a.m. to 6 a.m. near Rock Creek Resiviour.Here she is running, she's so fast you can hardly see her!
Cars backed up at one of the transition points - how was I able to get this vantage point? I ditched that shi and walked around. This jamb took about 35 min to get through.
swampy swamp
Speaking of swamps, last but not least I have been attempting to train my little bro to clean his bathroom that he has had free rain over for the last year. This is what we found in his shower drain! Boys.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Trail 90

Two big things happened yesterday

1. I went to Tooele for the first time ever - Tooele is sooo beautiful, why did I never know?

2. I came home with this:

Consider yourself officially introduced to my motorized summer transportation

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I finally have a few pictures of the Hamptons House finished. I'm afraid that for now these pictures make me more tiered when I look at them than happy, satisfied, elated. Hopefully that will come with time.

AND if you notice that the images are washed out, or blurry, or any of that you can just think to yourself "Jessica is not a photographer so that's ok" I almost drove myself crazy doing the pictures, it took me a solid 9 hours to get the whole house and you better believe I still had (have) a lot of photoshop time logged after that for fixing them. I'm tiered.


How cute is this stinker. I'm sooo going to make him like me this summer. Can't wait!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

AHHHH, I leave NY in less than a week.
Breath, everything will be fine - just like when I left Salt Lake, everything (pretty much) stayed the same.
Being restless has it's pros and cons - cons, you meet so many cool people that you eventually end up leaving. May, or may not see them again. There are tons of people in NY that I of course will see again, but I always get a little freaked before I leave somewhere, whether it's SLC, NY, or any of the other spots I've spent some time.
I've been a slacker on posting the goings ons here, so I'm going to post some pics that hadn't made it to the blog yet:
don't know these people, but love the paper collage

Dusty and Motoki came back!

working at the Hampton House
Dumbo for Brooklyn Design Week

Dancing up a storm at Union Hall with some Belgium boys

Motoki choreographed this photo shoot
room mate Justine in her cute tights
Boston with Leah in front of Cheers! we look so pretty
The New Museum moved Bowery. Hell, Yes!
Freak'n line for the china bus to Boston - it was 3 bus loads of people long!
my puppy love, Otto's the sweetest