Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ut State Fair !!!

Get ready,

get set,

Utah State Fair is almost here and I am soooooooo there,

here ...

and I plan to be wearing these:

9.5.08 - Motor Cross jumping
9.8.08 - Ice Cream Tasting
9.10.08 - Senior Wii Bowling Competition & Draft Horse Pull
9.11.08 - Big truck pull
9.12.08 - Horse Show Championship
9.14.08 - Demolition Derby

9.4-14.08 - Hella good time

Monday, August 25, 2008

It's on . . . again

Short notice, but here it is:
Crew hiking King's Peak August 31 - September 2
Leave SLC for Henrey's Fork in WY bright and early Friday morning
Summit Saturday and then head south towards the Swift Creek trail head in Utah
Sunday finish and kick it at the cabin for a few days
Come along!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bicycle Race'n

Because I'm a mental A. I made this video (with the beautiful and talented Amanda Bentley James) one Sunday in Coco Lala, but B. I can not figure out how to post it - so if you're still interested, check it out here. Good times, good times

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Favorite Commercial

Less because of nike, maybe less because of US Basketball, and more because of Marvin Gaye - love it

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Other Goings Ons

My blog is turning into a photo log - it just seems more interesting than what's going on in my head, so on with the show!This is Miss Frida who hung out at my house a few weeks ago while Adam and Chelsea were on a cruise with the family.
How cute is that puppy.
The yearly Great Salt Lake adventure was amazing!!! Except for the fact that it was the last (and practically the first) time I got to see Christy. It was a good celebration though - if anyone wants to go any time let me know, it's a new favorite of mine.
Then the Northern Idaho . . . I've been anticipating joining the James's in their neck of the woods for some time and it was the greatest. I love being single and some how becoming the adopted family member of all of the marrieds - for real it rocks. I love coming along on the adventures and as it turns out I'm really good at being 3rd, 5th, 7th, or even the 9th wheel.
First day = family bike ride. Chelsea James and her bike
Amanda James and her purple get up (including the bike)
We rode on an old road that followed old train tracks in and out of mountains and tunnels. There was a 2 mile tunnel that I practically screamed the whole way through. You can't see a thing and the boys kept riding ahead and jumping out of dark corners. I think the worst feeling in the world is being chased. It makes me want to stop and just get the catch over with. I'm so weak.
After the ride we ended up at a burger joint where the register lady called herself the "purple princess". Of course we had to bring Amanda in to challenge her.

In the end Cubby (Mandy's man) ended up giving her the purple bike for being such an awesome lady. I think she's truly going to appreciate that ride, she was so stoked.
This cheesy pic pretty much sums up the trip - and where I wanted to be the whole time, at the lake.
The James family beach house. They out grew the main house so now they build smaller buildings around to house all of the kids.
I slept in the airstream (one day you will be mine airstream!) with kitty. Here is how we would sleep.
Muskrat lake where Chelsea and Adam have the most lovely plot of land.
And of course I got to take part in the epic thrifting! This is Amanda trying on pants that most likely once belonged to an 11 year old boy.
This place was a gold mine - you got a box and could fill it with as many things as you want for $1! My favorite finds: an old hand grenade, an old school drafting lamp, and some bottles.
Here are Chelsea and Moe posing with all of our goods.
Amanda in her new magenta snow pants
Kenya in her new fanny pack.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Diego Story

This here is Diego. It goes without saying, but this guy is the greatest. I asked him if I could take his picture and this is the pose he struck. Golden.
Diego is a Highland High 00' alum. We (Liz, Lauren, Linds, Carmen, and I) took him out to lunch last week and as always he didn't disappoint.
Things did get a little weird when we were at his house later and he suddenly stopped showing us his art work and asked if he could take off my shoes. I thought it was his polite way of asking me not to wear shoes in the house, but then he asked if he could put them back on 15 min later.
Next thing you know everyones feet are being systematically examined. Only for you Diego.
The next week it was bowling night. This time Slagle came along. There were plenty more key one liners by Diego i.e. when we asked him what he likes best about bowling he says "Getting lots of scores" - what kind of scores are you talking about Diego? because whether it's with girls or with boweling no one really got any, but what evs.
He does have his own bowling ball with his name inscribed on it - so that's a score

Monday, August 4, 2008

Uinta Basin

I went to my cabin with my grandparents and cousins last weekend. I didn't really get many pictures while we were there, but I did get this one of my granps sitting on the front porch, and yes he always looks this bad ass when we're up there. The best part is that he's been an attorney for 50, he still goes to the office in a suit and tie (even though he's technically retired). But at the ranch he's strictly Uinta Basin style.
I did get some pictures of the way home - it was beautimous.
Picture from a property that my grandparents own in Altamont, Utah. We stopped by to get a tile saw.

Driving along highway 35 towards Wolf Creek pass. It's not the most direct route, but it was worth it to stop at the Hanna Cafe - chicken fried steak and all