Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mountain Mama

Headed back east this weekend and just found out that while I'm back there I'll be making a special trip out to West Virginia. To get me excited Andrew just sent me this little clip.
I am speechless.

Lucky Me

2 days after I got home I was able to go back to the mountains, but this time with the boys.

Yes, that's Jack asleep on a horse blanket

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Southern Most City to the Equator - Check

Cheers to my fearless (usually) travel companion

We made it home and there has been a little bit of culture shock but mostly just temperature shock. After being in the mountains for 3 months it's a little rough to hack it in this 100 degree weather, but hey - I hop from my AC'd car to my AC'd house so I really shouldn't complain. It is so nice to be back and playing with all my homies here in Salt Lake though.

To wrap this adventure up here are some stats for you:
5 flights (including to and from)
20 bus rides covering 12,200 km and taking a total 240 hours - muchas auto bus'
19 different hostels and friends homes visited and slept in
Approximately a kazilion photos taken, new people met, and good times had
Who's in when we go back for Brazil and Colombia?? I miss it already


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Home Again

My backpack exploded on my couch.

We did it! We made it home! It was a close call when my checked bags were randomly searched at the Ecuadorian airport and they found the antique pistol I had purchased at the market a few days before. I totally forgot about it so when they pull it out I'm like "Oh ya, sorry I forgot to tell you about that" they weren't too humored. They even threatened an investigation, but I put my best I feel real bad and real stupid right now face and they let my on the plane sans pistol. I cried, I really wanted that gun.
Anyway I am home now and I can't get over how:
A. fat all of the Americans look at the airport, sorry but it's true
B. big and absorbent our napkins are
C. giant and fast my computer seems to me right now
Honestly I'm pretty overwhelmed by all of the blogs I want to look at, people I want to call, and work I have to do. So instead of deal with all of that I'm headed to the woods for the next week with no phone and or internet - I guess real life can wait right?
If anyone is around tonight though I really hope you decide to come down to Pioneer Park for the free concert so that I can see your beautiful face and party with you. Otherwise I will be back in about one week - ready for some serious SLC summer fun.
Miss you all! See you soon!