Monday, March 30, 2009

I miss . . .

wondering around looking at stuff and picture taking it,
from the underground . . .

. . . to the uptown

. . . to getting lost in a rental car in Long Island

. . . to the beautiful shops

. . . to the view from my lofted bed in my old apartment

. . .  to Brooklyn

. . . to Greenpoint

. . . to my love Otto
. . . and many many more (you know who you are)

But don't get me wrong - I am loving the SLC and mountains, for proof see here

Saturday, March 28, 2009

This has been a way long time coming, but I finally have a bit of a portfolio set up  for my business.  Select the image above to link to it.

Eventually I want to build a web page with this fancy program, but until then a souped up blog will have to do.

Lastly, yes it's a Friday night and I'm blogging about this - for heaven sakes if you live in Salt Lake give me a call I need a social life!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cabin Interior

They put in these columns today which I'm stoked on
Looking towards the down stairs - if you couldn't already tell - duh.
The wall on the left with the three windows is where the built in bookshelf and bench will go - the wall straight ahead has the fireplace (which will be covered with stone and have a cement mantle and hearth added).  Above the fireplace will be a cabinet that hides the tv that will be on an arm to be able to pull it out and face it in different directions - these guys are a little more high tech than our cabin (we don't even have a phone or a radio at ours!)

This is the bunk room.  That big open space on the wall will have a tall red cabinet for storing clothes, sheets, blankets, games, what have you.

As you can see they started with the oak paneling - I promise there will be more than just paneling in the interior!  The wood is really beautiful though - it's re-claimed oak from old barns.  I'm kind of really jealous of these guys for being able to build such a pretty little cabin.

And here are some plans to give you an idea of what WILL be going on eventually.  This has been a cool/challenging project because it's not a very big space.  It will take some trickery to pack in all of the uses they would like to get out of it.

Upper Floor - as you can see on the left there will be a gigantic bunk room that sleeps 10.  On the right is the master which has a lovely little deck that looks out on the canyon.

Kitchen elevation
Bench seat/book shelf/pull out bed wall elevation
Mud Room

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Found Artist

Loverly little sound

Francois & Camera Obscura in NYC

Friend Francois and favorites Camera Obscura in NYC this week.  If you can and if it's not too late (it may be cause I think they're sold out) you should try to check it out!
Very cool peeps.  If nothing else check out Camera Obscura's web page - beeeautiful water color.

Friday, March 20, 2009


Found via "All Songs Considered" I like this cat:
Jesse Marchant - band name JBM - creative

Thursday, March 19, 2009

$25 Hair Cut

Move over Fabulous Phil, there's competition in the SLC these days.  Patrick at High Life on Broadway (300 South) and 245 East is giving $25 hair cuts (he's regularly $50) through the end of March and 20% off on color.  He does great work, he's terribly friendly, and he's just great.  Go check it out if you're in need of a cut.


Congrats to Ms. Rozi Plain for making it to the US and especially SXSW!!!
If you live or will be visiting any of the cities that are on her current American touring you should definitely make her as a priority to check out.  
Lovely music and equally lovely person.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Amanda finally came back!  and she brought henna - here is the collaboration that took place on my hand.  Turns out it lasts at least 10 days, sweet.

Now we're bed bugs - watching American Teen - very interesante.  I love it when the husbands are out of town!!!  But then again that makes me a pathetic

Friday, March 13, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things

This is the pic of the day at Alta from Tuesday when Chels and I ripped it up, well kind of.  I ate is literally half a dozen times, but for the most part it didn't matter because we were skiing in 2 1/2 feet of snowy bliss.  

Due to some rad friends I have been able to climb down at the front a bunch the last few months.  Huge perk is little bro Zach is climbing too.

Millcreek is wicked awesome right now.  It's sunny and there is still tons of snow up there.  When I don't have friends to back country with I take the old Sports Den rental cross-country skis, load the dogs in the truck and away we go to dog heaven/winter wonderland.  Max is hanging in there - still makes it to the end of the road, there's just a little waiting to be done for him on the way down - but not bad for 15!

Lastly, yet still on the list, is work.  Right now we're getting to the fun part on a cabin I have been designing along with Silverado Construction and our awesome clients who have really gone for it on this little beauty.  Right now the flooring and the wood paneling are going up and it's so nice to finally see the results of all of those decisions.

They're hard core and working through the winter.  You're choices to get to the job site are ride on the sled behind a snow mobile, take the snow cat, or hike it.

Ya, I go to work in a hoodie, hiking boots, and a back pack and it's lovely.
Living in SLC is going pretty well.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Australian Itch

I have had this idea of going to Australia to work, adventure, what have you for about a year now.  I have been slowly researching firms and gathering information about it - and here is a list of my favorites.

If you have any Australia ideas/input I would love to hear it.  So far I have just been looking into architecture firms (I know I'm not an architect, but they often have in house interior designers as well), but I need to get started on Interior Design firms as well.

I've also of course thought about New Zealand as well.  I've heard it's a lot more remote feeling, and I like the sound of that.  This is my favorite Architect I have found there.

Why Australia?  It's abroad, they speak english, and it seems like a nice laid back place, just like me.  I would also love a chance to live and work in a number of other countries (Switzerland, South Africa, Finland, Holland), but the cost of living and language barrier has got me a little shy of these places for now.
Do I know anyone who lives in Australia? No, not personally, but I moved to NY on my own and I have heard it said - if you can make it there you can make it anywhere.  
Do I wish someone else, anybody else was willing to come along? HELL YES, you know where to find me if you read this blog - and if not, you probably shouldn't be reading it.  Jk it's a public place, it's just a little weird to think of strangers in my public place.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Nuevo York

Back in Nyc last week for Caitlin & Caroline (old roomies and love of life) 's final shows at the COoper Union.  Lucky me they were back to back so I got to see both in one go.  I also got in a snow storm, some par-taying, and two more epic falls in the streets to add to my list; I will indulge you because they are too good to keep to myself and the lucky strangers who witnessed them.

1. Took place while stepping through slush from the street to the side walk - next thing I know I am holding myself in a perfect plank position with my hands in slush.  I had to go into a downward dog to get out of it without stepping in a huge puddle.  Very attractive.

2. I was getting back to Karen & Barbaras appartment at 1:30 a.m. after helping Caroline hang her show.  I slipped in the THE middle of the street in front of a cab skidding down the road.  I scrambled to my feet and onto the side walk before even noticing I had torn open my jeans and my knee - sheesh. ps it was very icey - so I wasn't THAT big of a mental, but still a pretty big one.

Finally - you can prepare yourself for the photo representation of a fantastic trip...

Caitlin's massive mache pieces above and some lovely queer paper bowls below

and the meandering begins - where it will take me I'm not yet sure

Luckily I stumbled into this interesante pequeno shop - full of trinkets and pretty much all sorts of things out of my dreams - check out Partners & Spade next time your in town if like beautifully curated oddness.

There were lot more fun and fantastic things that took place before this, but these are the next photos I have - they're of Caroline a's show.  Her pieces are like her beautiful mind Ca Razy Caronline

Next a late night in Brooklyn with Caroline and Jean Marie - just like the old days.  It's always amazing what cool people and friends are out in the neighborhood at all hours of the night.  One of which senior Carlos - yes I was peer pressured to do this

Two beauties in the photo booth

and of course what would one of my trips be with out more random pics of things, but no people . . .
Very red doors surrounded by old stone

eclectic's shop in the west village

colors of interest

Special thanks are indeed in order for so many:
Jean Marie
for making my trips to NYC endlessly worth while