Monday, August 20, 2007

Working it at Union Square Subway

This was a family. Mom and Dad banging on the bucket drums and the girls would take turns showing their moves. So much cooler than the Partridge Family. (Sorry the sounds so bad. It aint no video camera)

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Today I slipped into a sacrament meeting a little late and this cute little Asian missionary was giving a talk. First of all when did missionaries start looking sooo young? so young. Anyways this little guy was doing his best giving his talk. He was really timid and nervous and so quiet, but I thought he was getting his message across. At the end he mumbled something about a song as he began opening the hymn book, he asked anyone who wanted to open it up and read along as he sang it should. Then with that little notice he busted out in song. Full force he sang 3 verses with no piano or even a note to start on. It was so amazing (amazing because he was bold, not because he was necessarily un-tone deaf). Almost as entertaining was his companion who got the most serious look on his face and the widest eyes. It so made church worth it today.
So this all made me think of my cousin Alex on a mission. Not because this is something he would do, but I realize how hard it would be to hang out with a total unpredictable stranger (a companion) all of the time, and be room mates. Also just to be a missionary. I know it wouldn't be easy in New York, and I'm sure it's not easy anywhere really. Anyway, go Alex.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

More Beaches and Puppies

"My favorite color is light tan, and my favorite animal . . . is puppies."
Someone selling them on the street off the Bedord stop. So little, they looked too little to leave their moma poor tikes.

Coney Island is some how one of my favorite places ever. There is such a random mix of people and things to do. Very good people watching spot.
Very close to my favorite roller caster, you have to come try this guy - it's so scary and rikitty's.

You can't see super well, but there are so many people on the beach. Tons of colors - towels, umbrellas, toys. People selling jewelry, beers (totally illegal on the beach, classic). There was even a guy carrying around a bunch of animals (giant python, parrots, an iguana on his head) we went to check it out, but he wanted $25 to take a picture with them, so I have no photos, but one of the parrots jumped to me while I was standing next to him and it climbed right up my arm and sat on my shoulder. I think we bonded.
Neil, I was a pirate for like 20 seconds!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Why don't I have a synthisizer

I just wanted you guys to know a little more about the stresses of living in the city through the music of an Australian, uh, I mean New Zealand duo

I got worked

One other inner city pressure.
Last week the day of massive rain shut down most all subways. I was supposed to work and didn't feel like walking 7 miles, so I rode my bike. I have only ridden to this area in Brooklyn once, and it wasn't necessarily the same place I needed to go, plus that time it was kind of dark, so after a bunch of wrong turns I made it there. No big deal.
The way back on the other hand I was so tired, confused, it was getting a little dark and I really wanted to be home when i came up on these kids playing in the street. They were squealing and playing in the water, so I look up and smile. Little do I realize the water they're playing in is from a fire hydrant they just screwed loose. As I rode past they unleashed the fury on me! 100 gallons a second of high pressure water shot me and my little bike all over. I was swerving with my eyes closed trying to catch my breath because it was freezing. When I could finally open my eyes some how I was still on my bike and the kids were pointing and laughing hysterically. I got so worked. I could hardly breath or see. I had such a head ache after too, but I couldn't help it, I laughed the rest of the way home.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

What are you doing in, oh 30 days from now?

Since I know you are all highly anticipating my approaching 25th birthday(ya, I'm a little freaked out. I know it's not old, but it's older than I have ever been), trying to figure out how exactly to give me the best present ever? Well I'll give you a hint.

Come hike King's Peak!!!

My fam is bringing me home for an annual hike - going on four years - for my birthday this year. So if you can you should come. I think we are going to do it over Labor Day weekend - I just know for me to get back in time for school I have to take a red eye flight Labor Day night for class the next if I can do it yall should too, if you can and/or want to. Anyone - everyone is invited. Even if you don't know me but you want to come you should.

Keep it in mind.

These are pics from the Highline trail I did with my cousins last year. Weird, a year ago from now we spent 9 days on the highline trail - This summer Spencer is married! I am living in hot and sweaty NY, and Lindsay is still in the mountains, lucky chick.