Saturday, January 27, 2007

Strangness in Greenpoint

Today on my street there were all of these people gathering, like for a parade or something. They were all dressed up too. Finally I went out to see what was going on, and I guess every year they have this "stupid people race" is what they call it. There are teams of 5, all dressed up alike, with a shopping cart full of things they can through at the other competitors. One team built a nose over their shopping cart and then they were dressed in green - like they were boogers or something, haha. Then there was the McDonalds team - Ronald and the gang. The Village People, Speedo guys, there were all there. Once the race starts they race to different check points and have to wait there until they are given the next check point. It was so funny. Better than Halloween even. I took photos with my old school camera (film, ya know) so it will be a bit before I can post photos. It was great.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

More Space

This picture has little and/or nothing to do with this blog entry. Jon Cracroft took it somewhere in Salt Lake, and I liked it, so asked for it, and here it is. Don't you wish you could do that?

This has been a monumental week.

I am back in New York. All three of my room mates have decided to leave, either the city, or just the apartment. I am going to be staying, and it looks like I may be inheriting their left over space.

I talked to my land lord about how I am the only one uninterested in breaking my lease and can't sign another with anyone else - so after him showing me other apartments and talking for a while, it looks like I may be able to stay here on my own, for the same rent.

Basically what this means for all people I know, there is even more room to stay in New York if you wish. I am going to appreciate visitors more than ever now.
I am going to miss my room mates so so much. Caitlin just took off for California today. She has decided to take an internship with an architect in San Fransisco. She was the first person that I met on my own in New York and really trusted. She is one of the toughest, yet kindest people I know, and if I weren't so happy for her I would never have let her leave.

Caroline is moving to Salt Lake as fate would have it, to move in with her sister there. She is the coolest funnest girl, and anyone looking for a good time (in a non perverted way) should get a hold of her and be her friend. She's absolutly the greatest. I hope she comes back soon.

One more great update, my friend Francois, of Francois and the Atlas Mountains, check him out, who I met last fall when him and his friends stayed with us in Brooklyn and played a few sets at our house, came back to Brooklyn yesterday and put my name + one on the list to get into the show. He is currently playing with and touring with Camera Obscura. They're a Scottish band that is awesome and everyone should check them out. Their mellow and folkish, and I love all of those things so I felt very lucky to go. They played at the Warsaw which is near my apartment in Brooklyn. The venue is located in this old Polish community building that was the first Polish home in the U.S.. Anyway, Francois is one of the nicest sincerest people I have met and I'm so glad he is keeping in touch. Everyone will know his name soon, he's very very talented.
Francois's links: and
Camera Obscura links:
So there's the an update. As always I miss everyone and wish you would come and visit soon.
Love Jessica

Sunday, January 21, 2007

More News

More news. Turns out my dream situation in NY may be coming to an end, well my dream apartment anyway. While I was in SLC the land lord started construction on our apartment. He wants to build two more floors onto our building, and some how he thought he could do that with us still living here. Also, turns out two of my room mates are planning to leave, which is heart breaking since I love them. Caitlin is going to San Fransisco to take an internship with an architect that she loves, and Caroline is moving to Utah to live with her sister and her husband for a while.
So, new place, new room mates. I guess you just never know. It's too bad I know no one here, because I do love it, but I'm already loosing friends quicker than I'm making them. Hmmm
Oh, and I got some more huge news when I got here. Our kitty Martha is apparently a Martin, and Martin got Simone pregnant over the break. It makes a lot of sence, but whoda thunk.

Suger Gliders don't like the camera much

Saying good bye to Charlie
This kid has an amazing camera presence
This is his photo face

Megan's girls

Home again, home again

I'm back. I have to admit that part of the reason for not posting for so long is that I totally forgot my password, but alas I figured it out!
I am standing once again in my Brooklyn apartment. It's good to be back. Odd how I can leave my SLC home teary eyed, and arrive here happy again. I do love it here.
Since my last posting I have been in the city of Salt Lake from the 22nd of December, until today, the 20?th of January. I'm honestly not even sure what the date is today.
While in SLC:
*I saw all of my family over Christmas
*hung out with Max (the best friend/ dog I have ever met
*I x-country ski/ back packed in the North Uintas with him, x-country skied up the cabin
*Alpine skied at Alta (with Liz and Farn), Snowbird (with Tara and her boys), and Park City (with my bro Zach)
*x-country skied Millcreek with Lindsay and the dogs
*hung out at the Pub a bit to see Lindsay and Pub cohorts
*spent time and learned from people I have missed
*hung out with almost all of my friends intermitedly, relaxed, slept in quite a few times, got bored with myself, worked at Johnson and Hodson, worked on a few side projects, had unexpected surprises of all sorts, climbed once, went to a Sundance flick, bowled (got my lucky score 88), ate at Lone Star Tacoria, talked more than one person to come back and visit soon in NY and met four brand new babies.
The babies (in order of meeting them) are Jack Boyer Baucom (my nephew) I love that Sid is his favorite - Cate and Cameryn Woodley (Meg's and Eric's twins) - and Anika (my cous Ashley's and Phils girl).
Oh, I also finally met my Dad's girls, Thelma and Louise, the captivating suger gliders.
I had an amazing time. I'm so lucky that I come from such an amazing place full of these things and people I can depend on. Even though there have been times that I could hardly believe that home, the mountains, or any of it would still be there when I got back, it all was. Almost right where I left it too. I realize once again that life is life where ever you are, and whether it should be good and it isn't, or the other way around it is what you make of it. I feel like Carey.