Thursday, July 31, 2008

Very high on my list of summer highlights is having the boys up at the cabin
[the boys=my nephews Charlie & Jack]I can be a good aunt and teach them how to get really dirty and love it (like they need any help)
and to catch snakes (sorry Liz, I will work on instilling a fear in them of the ones with rattles)
Don't worry, he was totally stoked to have me mushing his face.
Kids are so fun when you don't own them and you just get to play

Monday, July 21, 2008

Thursday, July 17, 2008

You know who's the coolest? Lindsay. Why you ask? just cause

and because she takes a helicopter to work in the morning,
and sleeps on a cot in the mountains at night,
and collects samples from the Alaskan Range mountain tops,
with a hammer that looks like this.
and mostly because she's just doing her thang - do'n it and do'n it and do'n it well.
and if you are a geo nerd and/or you are reluctantly living in the lower 48 like me you can live vicariously through her if you wish.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

walks and hikes with a baby

The neighborhood.
Cute as a button. Photo taken right before she decided to sample the rocks at the bottom of this puddle - sample them in her mouth mind you.
She's sleeping on the job again.
Woke her up for lunch break on top of Atalaya Mountain. Oops, I guess I forgot to bring her shoes.
This may seem unnecessarily long and useless (I know, great way to introduce a video right), but I think it is soooo funny just to watch this kid. She will literally eat the dirt, over and over. This is on a street hike in her neighborhood. The streets wind up and around the mountains so we just walk around them at night (pretty much to avoid watching more Cinderella).

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Santa Fe Numero Uno

That's right I'm in the wild wild (south) west hanging out with this little munchkin:
She totally owns me. We wake up at 6, we've watched Cinderella 4 times (ya, it's been 2 days), and I've already put her in the tub 3 times - but it's all worth it because I'm loving this place, and Emily is totally chill when I put her in the kid back pack.
Yesterday we happened upon the International Folk Art Fair which takes place here once a year - and yes this is totally my idea of a good time. It really was cool! There were artists from tons of countries from China to Africa to Mexico and I know any time I've been in third world countries, it's always hard to find the good authentic stuff - usually the pushy people selling cheapie stuff is what's everywhere.
Any who, apparently I'm in a minority on this because Emily and I were just about the only ones under 50. It probably has something to do with the fact that everything was sooo expensive. It was filled with patrons of the arts. All of the old lady's were dripping in silver and turquoise.
Exhibit A: This was our view when we weren't cruising the arts. Lots of shuffling.

Exhibit B: This lady came prepared. Springs in her heeled leather tevas, with ankle socks. Oh you want a closer look?
There you have it.
I'm not catholic, but I love all of their saints - why? I'm not sure. It helps that these were made of gold. They're from Poland.
I still wish I would have gotten this little angel in a match box made by a Mexican artist. It's made of colorful tin - so crafty.
Dyed horse hair butterflies from Peru. Why does this stuff seem so dorky when I post it. I swear it was all so cool at the time.

Here's Ems when she was all tuckered out. Score! I got her to sleep with out making her cry!
Hanging out on the couch watching Cinder "ella" as Emily likes to scream it.
Then today we went into Santa Fe's down town (really similar to Jackson Hole, but south western style) where there are tons of shops and street vendors. This is the row of Native Americans selling their stuff. It would be less intimidating if they would just smile back! They probably get sick of losers like me who can't afford anything, but really really like to check it out anyway. I wish they didn't make me so nervous cause I think they're way cool. I would love to talk to some of those old folks.

Here's my prize (the turquoise). I bought it from this kids section where everything is made by kids under 18. They start em young in this business. I asked them where they get all of the turquoise and they said people come to the tribes and sell it to them! Classic - I thought I was going to get some story about how the Gods lead them to the mountains to find the stones. The kid who made it was like 14 and so stoked I was interested. That alone makes it worth it.