Saturday, June 30, 2007

Lindsay and the Moon

Two things really. Number one, as I believe I have mentioned before, Lindsay Michelle Tingey, my cousin extrordinare is in Alaska this summer for a job she got through the Geology Department at the U of U. Anyways she's up there now, and if I weren't oh so happy for her - I would be relentlessly jealous. Finally she has shared a few pics, and these are they...
Orange really suits her

They get up every morning at their camp(below) and then load up in helicopters which take them up to mountain ridges to collect data. So official and scientific sounding.

Bear moma and her 2 cubs

Also, I noticed last night that the moon was very full looking, which always reminds me of Lindsay since we have a mutual appreciation for a good full moon. Then I thought about how the last full moon (which was a BLUE MOON mind you) we had a particularly good celebration of full moonness. I was in SLC where we gathered a small but hearty crew and made the trek to Mt. Dell for some skinny swimin. I sure wish I had photos of the event, I believe someone was snapping shots - I'll have to look into that.

So anyhow, this is your official reminder to love the full moon tonight for Lindsay, because she may not be able to see it very well since she is perpetual sunlight I believe. Feel free to report on any full moon goings ons, and if you want to be really moon informed you can check out this little web site (Linds, I know you will appreciate this one). It's nothing fancy, but a good moon resource.

Monday, June 25, 2007


If I were a guy, and I was gay, I would shop for my men at the Home Depot in Chelsea. I went there last week and saw sooo many hot guys - and I'm pretty sure most of them were gay. Either their shirts were a bit too tight, or they were chatting irregularly close to another dude. Plus none of them were checking ME out so they obviously were. Lucky for the other gay dudes around.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Chelsea and Amanda

I know this is a dangerous trend, because I am the worst with birthdays and I'm bound to forget plenty of them . . . but I couldn't resist. Also because I very well know that these two have way worse black mail images of me than I do them.

by Chelsea

by Amanda

by Chelsea

Thanks for being my friends. Between the two of you and your inspiration I don't think I would have other wise been a part of the nerdy art and design world that now pretty much makes up my life.

A little story...
Out of this family of 9 kids (this photo is pre Micheale and Josh I think), mom & dad, nanny Betty, and a native american adopt-ie came a pair of ...


Who'd a thunk these little scrappers would grow up to be such beauties?
Can you tell who's who?

Chelsea (seven minuets younger) and Amanda - (and I have a feeling that anyone who knows them would have to agree) - are THE most fun, crazy, talented, people I know. A wicked awesome (that's right I said it) mix of beautiful, unpretentious, creative, don't take anything too seriously girls - and thank God for that because they make for amazing friends.

Amanda through a crush hand heart, try it on your crushes it makes for a good time, maybe just try to be a little less obvious than this one if you're trying to keep it a secret.
Chelsea and Sarah obviously geared up for a night of spying, or maybe powder puff, I really can't tell. I have a felling they're in the back of the old suburban and rocking out to Chicago. So classic.

PS. sorry boys - these ladies are taken . . . by brothers! That's right they still have the same last name! Love it. I'm glad that the men you found are both cool enough to give you two a run for your money in the fun and crazy department. I love the James's!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Freelance Back Fires

So I got a call to look at another place in Westchester (hour north of the city, supposedly very hoity toity). All I knew was they were an older couple moving from their home into a condo . . . blah blah . . . basics.
Turns out they're a nice - ish random old kooky jewish couple with lots of stuff, and they want to keep all of it, but they don't want it to be too "shmultzie". How do I sum up their interests . . .Her sculpture nitche` that she had built especially for her carved rock heads ...
Another rock head of sorts...

Oh, and she loves frogs. "How could we best work these in?" she asks, my answer, "hmmm".

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Freelance Here I Come

Over the past month going without work and not really knowing what I was going to do about it I have come across an awesome new concept (for me any way). Freelance, for sure the way to go. I make my schedule! Life is good - minus the keeping track of funds, taxes and trying to figure out Quick Books - and the pressure of doing well of course.

First project is a house in the "Hamptons". Sounds sureal, but these people are the coolest! They don't like to be out there in the summer because of the "summer scene" so I have permission to go out there "whenever I need to". These clients are amazing, and they have a beautiful house.

Lucky me Dusty showed up in NYC just in time to come along for the meauring of this ginormous place. We missed the bus (I tried to have him meet me his first day being in New York at Grand Central 10 min. before the bus arrived . . . my bad). Turns out renting a car in the city is as much as 2 bus tickets to the Hamptons (these aint no China buses!) so we finally stopped trying to chase the bus down and got our own ride. A Maroon Kia. Drove like a champ, only used a quarter of a tank in 200 miles AND Dusty had to drive because I'm not 25 yet. So first day in Manhattan for him: meet Jessica at Grand Central, sprint 6 blocks through traffic, sign on the dotted line for a vehicle, and then drive through the city to the highway and then to the Hamptons. This guy is a champ, all in the name of Interior Design. I have a feeling he's going to go far. Us Utahns are bred tough.

Some how this is the only shot I got of Dusty measuring. This was taken just after he walked into the room and proclaimed "I dispise whicker" which for some reason had me cracking up.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

I've been unemployed for too long

I'm shaking my head as I put this on because I'm such a dork. Totally found a new toy on my computer and am so stoked about it.
The other day I decided to video my ride home from the tug boat, then I got a little excited when I tried the imovie and viola.
I need a job.

Monday, June 11, 2007


Since leaving Salt Lake evoked such a tantrum out of me - (I completely threw a fit, which probably surprised me more than anyone. I was so bummed I was still shedding tears in the cab back to my apartment) - I needed to find something to cheer me up and how.
It's been a slow process, but I think I'm going to be ok here again. Here's why:

1. I ran at Central Park . . . for a bit . . . then I walked at Central Park. The rumors are true - you can really feel like you are in the middle of no where in some places of the park. It changes so much from the top to the bottom too. Plus there are horses there.

2. Bergdorf Goodman. This is a place like no other. It feels like walking through a museum for beautiful beautiful clothes and jewelry. I walked through after running in the park, and I got plenty of odd looks, but no matter. I can't keep my jaw from dropping when i walk through this place. The web site does it no justice. It's a totally different experience than going to the mall at home. For only a little bit I want to be Holly Golightly and walk around this place with my nose up and ask to try on all the jewelry and $900 shoes.

3. New Apartment. Caroline found a new apartment for us that is surprisingly nice AND affordable AND still in our beloved Greenpoint neighborhood. It's month to month too so we don't have to sign a lease. I'll have to send photos later, I wasn't ready with my camera when we checked it out.

4. I rock at darts! I totally won in darts Saturday. I had a little help from my team mate and coach Jacks, but whatever I made the winning bulls eye shot that finished it.

5. Best of all, the tug boat. Caroline's ex boyfriend, now buddy (I don't know how people do this, I'm impressed) has a friend from school that lives in a tug boat on the Chelsea Piers. It's the coolest. It's a historical boat so they let him park it there for cheap. This tug is equipt with kitchen, bath, the essentials. Plus an out door barbeque, hammock, and much more. See for yourself.

Those trophies are tug boat champion trophies. One for fastest in it's class (I was later informed it was the only one in class C) - the other's for best look'n.

Caroline and I with the tug boat inhabitant and captain Josh

City from west side highway in Chelsea
We found this stud at the grocerie store.
He makes these hats ". . . just for fun. Don't sell em unless it's a real great price like . . . $800"
This one's number 18.
Yep that's Alf hanging out on the brim.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Happy Birthday Sarah Jane Morgan

Congrats on hitting the quarter century mark. You've been alive 9,125 days. Lucky us.

Still one of my favorites

The scariest thing about this is that we were taking it seriously and really were practicing model poses . . . so scary

First Weekend Home

Goat on a rope