Monday, February 18, 2008

. . . and on another note, this is my grandpa with one of his Great Danes.

Great Danes

I'm lounged on the sofa watching 60 min (a new phenomenon since our little tv decided to start picking up 5 local channels!)

One of the big stories is about happiness. Denmark was voted happiest country in the world by a study done in England. These are interesting studies because they seem quite relative. Plus I'm also not sure how well happiness would lend itself to a scientific study like that, but whether Denmark is number 1 or not they had some interesting things to say.

  • They are people who don't expect to be the best, or the richest, the healthiest even.
  • They have 6 weeks vacation a year from their jobs.
  • There aren't many extremely wealthy people, or extremely poor ones either.
  • The country's history is one of defeat, take overs, and resettlements.
  • Their university's are free - students that pass required tests are paid to go to college.
  • They also pay about 50% of their income in taxes.

Can you imagine the US paying their government 50% of what they make? and agreeing on how it's spent!? and trusting that they will be taken care of!? I wouldn't

A bunch of Danes were interviewed and generally they felt like they would be found as "the happiest" because they have humble expectations. They laughed how if they would have been voted 20th most happy country (like the U.S. was) that they would probably be like "Cool, at least we're in the top 25". My first thoughts when I heard that the U.S. was 20th was "oh man, I knew we wouldn't be the happiest. We wouldn't deserve it any how - we can be such jerks" - that's a sad commentary on my out look for sure.

I admire their priorities. I know it's hard for me to not get caught up in feeling like I'm supposed to be doing more - and getting more too. To be better, but better than what? every body else?

In an attempt to follow in the Danes foot steps (reasonable expectations), I don't suppose that the US could or would be able to change their "bigger, faster, stronger" aditude, but I hope that on my own I can find a balance for unreasonable expectations. Being content sounds a lot better than the stress I put on myself for more, more, more.

Just a little Sunday ramble for ya. Happy mid Feb. week! I miss everyone a whole whole lot.
A friends grandpa recently passed away - unfortunately I didn't know him too well, but I just read his obituary and I thought it was great. He wrote it himself -
R. Paul Cracroft "P.C." Ironic, huh? First time my pic's run in the paper in years, and I'm not around to clip the obit. Tough! . . .
Coming from someone who doesn't read a whole lot of obituaries I think this one is pretty great.

Paul Cracroft

is it shady to post an obituary? if so oops. That's what they get for letting anyone get a blogspot!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Two Tumbleweeds

Art and design blog keep'n it real

The unpredictably clever, creative, and inventive twins have done it again - and it's so pretty
I'm so glad they're putting not only their artistic skillzzzzz together, but their kooky ones too, because it's one of my favorite things about them

There is a wealth of good finds already built up in this relatively new blog, so start catching up with it cause there's a lot to learn from these scoundrels

Greedy Gus

I spent a weekend with Otto and Gus a few weeks ago - and it inspired this little vid.
Damn I love those dogs.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Usually I'm so picky about shoes that I just don't like any, yet uncharacteristically of me there are a slew that I have my eye on right now. I blame it on working in an office too near Soho, some how I always wonder towards the shops when I'm supposed to be getting lunch.

For example, there would be no other way that I would know that I want this $3,000 dollar watch than if I happened by a place that had them.
Anyway, back to the shoes! P.s. yes I did notice that me and 12 year old boys kind of have similar taste, i.e. these:

hopefully not these though:


One of Urbans new - not cheap - lines - boooo for not cheap

Frye classics

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Lauren Ann

Lauren, I have a bit of a problem. Maybe you have a solution or maybe (and most preferably for me) you will simply love me despite this. I have this thing you see, some wheres in my brain I am aware that a birthday is coming up between 5&10 days before the birthday occurs.
Then, quite unfortunately, that awareness comes back with full regretful force approximately 5-10 days after that birthday has past!Happy belated birthday girlfriend!
Can't wait to be blessed with your presence soooooner than later please