Thursday, January 31, 2008

Winning Comments of the Day...

opening scene:

Jessica walks into the computer lab towards Barbara (nicest person in the world). Sits down, they exchange happy greetings. Barbara moves on to a question she has in Auto CAD, but stops with a comment -

Barbara: "You're hair looks cool. Kind of modelesque or something."

Jessica: "Uh, thanks" with a confused awkward laugh since her hair is the same as it was when she pulled it back to put in her contacts that morning.

They continue with the computer work, Jessica with a happy grin to her air now. Barbara stops again, turns to Jessica.

Barbara: "Did you sleep alright last night?"

Jessica: laugh, laugh, laugh - "I slept 10 hours!" laugh laugh

Barbara: "What? Why are you laughing? you just look a little crazed."

end of scene

Apparently she didn't necessarily mean the cute kind of model, more the crazed kind.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Maybe I'm just slow to a widely known resource, or else I'm introducing you to your new best friend. Ever heard about

Basically if you have exhausted your itunes and/or you are interested in finding some new artist this site helps. You set up a radio station that is built around music you already like.

For example, you can make a station, call it what you want, and then type in any musician or song you want to hear. About 50% of the time your station will play the artist you entered and the other 50% it plays music that is related in some way or another. You can skip songs and tell it you don't like certain things about what they're playing, and then it adjusts to those reactions.


Plus you can play it at any computer, not just at your house like your itunes.

Me gusta Pandora.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

How cute was Zach with a chicken

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Horse People

The family secret that some, but not many know about the Baucom's is that we're kind of "horse people". My grandma got into Tennessee Walking Horse with a friend of hers back in the 60's. They went to some clinic and next thing you know she's got my grandpa buying property in the mountains and a farm in Draper. Thank you grandma!!

Horse people are a rare kind. Since I was a kid I have been going to these horse shows with the fam and there are some classic people in the horse showing business. One of my favorites is this lady who's always there with her dog. I don't know what kind of dog he is, but he's too fat to walk so she brings him anyway and pushes him around in a stroller - I wish I had a picture of that!

Paige and I were digging up old photos and here are some classics from the horse showing days:

Bob (my grandma's nick name is Bob by the way) on Driftwood (Sailors pops)
Uncle John pulling off a wicked dismount
That's not a little boy, that's me on bullet - she was a feisty little thing even though she may not look it.

Paige, Heather, Me - After a show at the Equestrian Park. You see me holding that pink ribbon? I don't remember what place "pink" is but I'm pretty sure it's not 1st, 2nd, or 3rd

Bob on "Terrific" - this horse was the champion of something, I just don't remember what.

Bob at the old farm in Draper

Paige and Johnny at the county fair, we never thought to ask how everyone won a blue ribbon in those early shows - we just thought we were all THAT good.

Paige and I talking during judging at the Equestrian Park in West Jordan, and yes, we do know how cool we are

Thursday, January 10, 2008

I know you all knew how famous and eloquent I am, but here is just further proof . . .

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I've been in Salt Lake 22 days and have been sick as a dog for perhaps 12 of those. 12 too many!
My body has totally been crashing from the semester or sum'tn.

Sick or not sick I've been living up the slacker adult/child hanging out at home life and now I'm headed back to the big city to work and make big kid decisions about jobs and such.

Goings ons of my SLC existence (since I'm sure everyone is dieing to know)

Hanging out with Max (the dog), playing Super Mario World with Zach (the brother) - and passing it all . . . twice, playing/teasing Charlie and Jack (the nephews)

Went to see a local SLC band that reminded me of Brooklyn- Band of Annuals

Skied it up cross-country and apline style with friends and loved it: busted the edge out on my fav. skis though . . . lame

Best new TV show discovered: Last One Standing on Discovery (thanks Dunham) - I want to go on the adventures, just not have to wrestle scary aborigines and such

Best not-new TV show that had a marathon on VH1 so I could completely catch up with it - Americas Next Top Model -I love/hate that show

Best present that someone else got for Christmas - Sid : Planet Earth (totally reaped his benefits)

Best Snow Storm - too many to choose from

Best (and only) movie I saw in the theater - Juno {I cried a little}

Worst event - continuation of root canal work and cavity fillings at Dr. Canfields - what's with my teeth - I brush twice a day! what more do they want!!

Worst mishap - sleeping in for New Years celebration - it didn't seem so bad when I kind of woke up at 11:50p.m., but then really sucked when I had a better realization of what I had done when I woke up again at 12:25 a.m.

Best realization - I think I could be content with moving back to Salt Lake . . . some day.

Worst realization - I'm lazy when I'm at home

See you on the East coast!
I'm sure I 'll be a better blogger there since my computer is my best friend in ny!